Michael Bancroft is a Melbourne-based designer
and artist with eight years in the industry, working
in numerous studios, including Next Brand Futures, Celsius, Sadgrove and Urchin, while freelancing at many more. This broad history has given him the opportunity to work in a wide range of design fields, from print, online, packaging and textiles.


After studying at Swinburne University, he completed his Honours Degree at the world-renowned Fachhoch-schule Düsseldorf in 2003. He also worked for twelve months at the Department of Communications for the Victorian Government, a formative experience where he was given the opportunity to participate in large-scale projects such as the Australia Day celebrations and the honour of developing collateral for the Bali Bombing commemoration ceremony.


In 2004, he and two partners founded Fynk, a t-shirt design and screen-printing company. This developed into a passion for screen prints and canvases.


In 2006, he began publishing a small magazine named Rolla, which he worked on as editor and designer until 2009. Since 2010, he has been working freelance while continuing to pursue his passion for art and writing.